Books on my Radar

These are some of the books that I’ll be talking about this year (2017-2018), writing about them on the blog and thinking aloud on my Facebook page with live links.

If you have a book that you really want to see included on the list, leave a comment below or pop on over to the Facebook page and suggest it there.



In no particular order:

My Antonia
Silas Marner
The poetry of William Blake
Death of a Salesman
The Three Musketeers
Rolf and the Viking Bow
The Grapes of Wrath
Children of Men
A Thousand Acres
Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow
A Tale of Two Cities
The Way of the World
The poetry of Robert Frost
Where the Red Fern Grows
Moby Dick
The Chosen
A Man for All Seasons
The King’s General
Children of the New Forest